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      WOMANN- Warman Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhejiang specializes in all types of FGD systems slurry circulating pump mechanical seal, side entry agitator mechanical seals, peripheral pump mechanical seal, alumina industry with various types of slurry pumps with mechanical seals , coal industry with all kinds of low pressure tank mechanical seals, external cooling potash industry with intermittent mechanical seals, all kinds of mineral processing (tailings), manganese ore with a high solids content of the mechanical seal (wt concentrations of up to 40%), various types of chemical industry heavy mechanical seals with high temperature and pressure and domestic transformation mechanical seal, together with alkali industry centrifuges transmission seals and other dynamic sealing technology research and development, design, production and sales, is the nation's largest heavy medium high solid content of impurities pump mechanical seal manufacturing and R & D base, the company focused on providing high-solids content of solid red rinse fluid medium, wear, corrosion, sealing systems solutions.

      As the FGD system manufacturer dedicated mechanical seals in recent years, more than hundreds of power plants in the production of FGD systems using our series of special cartridge mechanical seal. Field operation proved that our products can replace imported from Germany KSB Pumps original mechanical seals, mechanical seals Australia WARMAN original pump, the German EKATO stirrer original mechanical seals, mechanical seals Australia SARDIK stirrer original US SHARPE original mechanical stirrer seal, for users to significantly reduce maintenance costs and improve the timeliness; we also desulfurization pump for domestic manufacturers to provide a reliable, stable and mature FGD system mechanical seal.

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